so i’ve got some hella important exams today & tomorrow so wish me luck bc i’m freaking out a teeny bit.



                        ❛ that’s about as reassuring as a maybe. 

        ❛ you really wouldn’t believe me if i told you, mate. ❜


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                            & there’s a moment in which
                                he h u m o u r s her vocalized
                                thoughts, & offers a firm grunt
                                that remains masked in that
                                consistent irritability. 

                “Take a guess. I ain’t here
                  t’answer stupid questions.”

         & complications should fester before she offers a resolve
       to fix her own wretched mistake. & yet she is STUCK
                     for this one instant of time ; caught in an equilibrium
           of defeat & shouldered concerns as vehement fingers
        pick blindly at each other. It is simply the mere dreaded
                        occupation of her time to keep her own fragile
                 sanity intact until the day’s end.

            ❛  yeah —- really not a rocket scientist, sorry. ❜


+ impossiblesass,


          “That’s incredibly rude, I hope you know.”

     ❛ ———————- but i haven’t done anything.


           ”ewwww! whatever it is is really gross.



         ❛ getting that, yeah. ❜


[ —-;   


           ❝ Blimey— you’ve been starin’ for 5 minutes now. 


       ❛ —————- was i ?  i was only trying
                   to figure out where i’d seen your shoes before. ❜

✘ giveaway.


        a day ago i’ve reached my first hundred on this blog ( in less than two days wow !!! ) & i wanna thank you for being awesome so i’m doing this small giveaway ( & bc i love doing these icons ). you must be follow me ofc or here if you want. only reblogs, please. three winners will get the set of 40-50 icon, but probably 50 ofc depends on fc. only roleplay blogs. & the giveaway ends on tuesday after i get back from the first day in hell aka school. gooc luck !!! & here are some examples for you.