❛ i’m not ————— staring.

            a gentle smile would arise as she voices such an
       obvious little lie. she has been taught greater kindness
               than such & yet as mindless fingers fiddle she
            will continue in this indiscretion.


Jenna Coleman about her quit rumors (x)

          she doesn’t miss it ;
    ( that hallowed sorrow that burns the blood in her veins )
                  & she takes her comfort in methodical
          breaths. & even with the simmering embers of the
        helpless prey burning in her veins she will hide
             so easily beneath the disguise of confidence.
                       do forgive such miniscule falters.

      ❛ never reckoned i’d have said this back in
               london but there is such a thing as
           too much bloody quiet.

                ❛ do yourself a favour, go
                    out with danny pink would ‘ya? ❜

alright. so i’ve got seven starters to write up on top of thirteen drafts & a script for my creative industries class. but i’m also determined to get all done by the time i leave for work alright alright alright.


"Seven fifteen. Meeting me. You are. Date. Second one."
"Got the words out… not in the right order but hey! Maths teacher."


Jenna Louise Coleman in Death Comes to Pemberley's second episode



                 ❝ —- !!
        ❝ You might want to
            put that down. ❞

    ❛ —————- !? what is it ?



 yet you continue to stand by his side. 

      ❛ ——————- he’s my friend. you can’t just
             walk out on the people you care about. ❜

          & complications will fester before she offers a resolve to fix her
        own wretched mistake. Indeed she is STUCK for this instant of time ;
            caught in an equilibrium of defeat & shouldered concerns as
          vehement fingers tap out tempered patterns across the screen of
       her phone. tangled facts will scream that it is too far gone & yet
              she will allow a direful need to fix broken things to consume her.

                     ❛ smart phones are properly stupid, did you know? ❜