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& if grow to be half the man you are —— clara oswald ; i shall be very happy indeed.

revamped account..


                are ya always in other people’s business?


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         ———— you really are mr grumpy.

throws my url at you


opinion on;

character in general: CLARA. CLARA. CLARA. Okay, so Doctor Who is my thang. One of the only reasons I’m proud to be British tbh. It’s like the only decent show we have here - we have soap operas, those suck. I love Clara and I loved her the minute she stepped onto the show and she’s part of my old OTP which was doctor x clara, honestly I shipped them so hard. Also, I played Clara for a while but I sucked tbh. I’m not as good as you. I love Clara though, definitely my favourite companion. 

how they play them: Okay, so you’re so fab. Not to mention the fact you write like a real life novelist. Jesus woman, your effing writing. Ever thought of maybe writing a book, something poetic idk? I read your thangs and I just kind of think ‘this girl is gonna make it big’. You play Clara to a ‘T’ though, you include all the British slang and you don’t make it sound cheesy (I hate when people think we talk in a certain way when we don’t), so well done, that was an instant win.

the mun: SHERIDAN. Okay, so my quality good friend. One of my favs here. Like I have a group of people and you’re one of them bc you’re perf and you’re the nicest person and we get along so well. Like, you make me smile so thank you. I get nervous bc of your perfection but you make me feel great etc. So, congrats. <3

do i:

rp with them: Yes, I do, I do. We have a cute thang atm. 

want to rp with them: Mhmmmm. 100% of the time. 

what is my;

overall opinion: Fabtastic person, wicked personality and such an immense writer. Honestly, you poetic genius.


au → in which victorian clara meets captain hook (from this amazing fanvid)

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    ❝why does everyone think i’m incapable of
      cooking or making my own meal? you of
      little faith, miss oswald. can make some 
      … decent chips.

                         … ——no.❞


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       ooh ; mr grumpy. sorry.  i  might 
         be rubbish at souffle’s but i  can
         make a few decent dinners. i do
         always cook at christmas.❞

                    ❝danny ———— danny pink.❞


Are you going to age with grace?
Are you going to age without mistakes?

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  “—Thank you.”

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          it’s alright ————- that’s what i do.

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update. i’m watching the lego movie & lemme tell you that i do not regret it at all


update. tears everywhere. i wanna die.

make me choose: anonymous asked Amy or Clara

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                  “—Thanks for the heads up.
                      Can’t say I really like shakes.
                      Guess sweets aren’t really my thing.”

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       you don’t like sweets? 
          ————— that’s silly.


impossiblesass ;


   ” It’s almost May, it shouldn’t
     be this cold. What’s wrong
     with the UK?”

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          the weather’s just a teeny 
           … ———- tiny bit bonkers.
           nothing wrong with it at all.

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