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" you’re kidding, right ? “

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    —-—— yeah ; really not a
           scientist sorry. bit of
                  a [ white lie ] that.

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"My Ma used to work 15 hours a day and we still had warm dinner AND pancakes from scratch - every day. She was proper busy. “


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       well your mum was a great woman,
                 then. but i’m not her.
             so tell you what —— if you fancy
                    [ non-packet pancakes ]
           then i’ll give you a recipe & a list
                             like my dad does.

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   ☾ ——— impossiblesass


            and he sits down,
                eyes full of s h a d o w s,
              and the world on his shoulders.
           he’s never been one for one-on-one’s,
                   especially with teachers.
              but miss oswald is kind,
                                      and he hopes that
                         she changes his PREJUDICE.

      if this is about malia, i just——
            she’s trying her b e s t, miss.
          it’s been a while
             since she’s been in school.

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          & she is a fearful creature ; running from ghosts
               as though the simplicity in them finding her was
            not quite so obvious. some would simply go
                   mad running from their pasts  ——- so how
           long until her sanity has slipped from her own
               delicate grasp? she is no more than mere
                  [ corrupt flesh & bone. ] how EASY it is to h i d e
             behind her mask of compassion & warmth.

             getting that. & she’s doing —— good.
                     i just wanted to make sure you & your
                 pack of friends were assisting her.
                       i can’t always help & having a
                 mate or two nearby would be better.


Rose Tyler broke the TARDIS, stared into the Vortex, committed a genocide, raised a guy from the dead and made it so he couldn’t die, and almost got herself killed in the process, forcing the Doctor to take the Vortex into himself and regenerate, and all just so she could see him again and not be left behind by him (she claimed it was for the world, but Bad Wolf confirmed that she basically ripped time and space apart at the risk of causing incredible amounts of damage to the universe so she could be with him). For this, the fandom calls her a “hero”, a “strong, independent woman”, and “the Doctor’s One True Love.” She is considered a feminist icon.

Clara Oswald jumped into the Doctor’s time stream, knowing it would rip her into millions and millions of pieces and ultimately kill her. She knew she would die hundreds, if not thousands of times to save the Doctor, even if the women who died were only echoes. And she saved him not so that she could be with him and continue having adventures in time and space, but so that the Doctor’s victories would stay victories and the world would keep turning. She said goodbye to him knowing that this would be the last time she would ever see him, at least the real her. For this, the fandom calls her “a weak character whose entire life revolves around the Doctor”, “one of Moffat’s cookie cutter women” (?), and “an annoying special snowflake that no one cares about.” She is considered antifeminist.

Is it just me, or is there an incredible double standard here? Or does feminist now mean “selfish, destructive, and slightly obsessed?”

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          ” can you teach me how to use it? “

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    —— ….. tell you what ;
         if you pinkypromise not be
     silly about it, i’ll teach you.

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   no one should be offering her any help.
   if anything tara should be the one giving
   the help. she had some sort of debt here
   to pay and the guilt within her growing
   higher; threatening to swallow her
   completely. the dark was all they had now &
   this woman had to be separated from something.
   didn’t tara take her home away? guilt was bitch.


        ‘jumper? no, I have a jumper of my own.
        besides, last thing I need is you getting sick
        and then more shit comes my way. so, thank
        you but no. were you originally out here alone or?’

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      her weight comes to lean against the cool surface of their prison
as chestnut irises follow along with morbid concern.
           she remains alert even with fatigue curled along
                      each gentle pore of her. they’d all suffered expenses
          ——— those deaths that were never their own. yet those
              moments of grief & failure & wretched destructions
              against the ash that they walk upon are those to take ownership.
                        the devil was a terrible & faceless thing but t
            hey would face him every day so why does anguish still continue
                      to consternate them? & here the motive for a weary sigh
                as she allows her head to rest back ;
                     she needs to rest before gravity causes her own collapse.
                                 how tired she is of living.

         ‘ ———- sorry, i just … worry. i do it loads, really.
                   bit of a force of habit…..
                   —- i’m brave but i ain’t bonkers. i haven’t
               been alone in a while. don’t know how
                   i’ve gotten this far on my own, honest.
           i always thought i’d get stuck, y’know?
                         trapped by zombie creatures & all that.


                                                          i. independent & selective 
            don’t waste time                                               clara oswald from bbc’s
       ARGUING                                                         doctor who
   what a   g o o d m a n                                   
ii. five + years of writing 
             should be                                                                   
  be one                                       iiione-liner, paragraph, 
                                                                                                 novella, crack.

                                                          iv. skype available
 ( i. ii. iii. )                                                                             on request
                       ————— written by ; sheridan

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      Exhaustion didn’t colour her face with
    grey nor did it alter the beauty of her
      smile. He wonders though, how she does
    it, how she keeps the tilt of her lips appealing
      and warm. it’s like she’s carrying her own
    sunshine, just where her heart is and when she
      smiles, rays of sunshine make his eyes squint.
    Sometimes, there are things so beautiful, you
       can’t look straight at them. it burns your brain.
    she’s little and beautiful and bright and colourful
      and he just feels old, grey and sad next to her.
    Tension high in his body makes his hands close
      in fists. Women scare him and her more than
    the others. he doesn’t know why but she does
      and her melodic voice doesn’t lure him in
   though it does sound good, though it does promise
     him a new world for him to discover.

            “Nah, was just walkin’ aro’nd, ah mean, not walkin’
                         aro’nd but—”
   shrugs, looks down, bites his lower lips
     and swears under his breath. such a dumb ass that
   can’t even talk properly. just because she’s so so pretty.
           “was just doin’ nothin’.”

█ ░ └ ♕ ┐

             & a congested mind is a harrowing place ——
                 the bustling path of ghosts that shouted their thoughts.
            indeed these days she had been likely
                       to allow her senses to be dulled ; washed away
              with each [ burning worry of another ] but for
                   this second of relentless silence she is alert, 
                 spare fingers tapping out an empty beat
                            as she 
nods curtly to his words.
            the blood that turns in her veins will suffer those wretched 
                  burns as they curl beneath a frazzled fire.
                        that would seek
 out the warmth only to become
               the ash & dust that is her own
F E A R F U L mind.
                     she is no more than a mess of f r a y e d 
                  as a weary sigh slithers past her own cracked lips.
               slender brows furrow together whilst
                        delicate empathy shouts his own indiscretions.

              ‘ —— are you okay ?